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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

House for Sale

This is what our house looked like in 1994. What a gem! The moment I walked through the front door, and saw the staircase, I was sold. The ad read, "Always wanted a large home but thought you couldn't afford it?"  This is Bill and his mom looking at the front of it.

This is the back. Not so nice, but still, mostly cosmetic stuff. This house is solid as a rock! Built from locally grown yellow poplar, and milled just a quarter mile south of here at the Ashton saw mill. I am not positive of the actual built date, but I believe it was c.1865.

There was a barn out back, almost as big as the house. You can see how overgrown it was.

Bill and I moved to Indiana in 1994, leaving Atlanta on the Fourth of July. We were young and full of energy and had a little bit of cash. This place was made for us. 

We are offering the Old Hurst House for sale for $90,000. Details to follow.

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  1. I wrote as if the barn was no longer there. But it is! Almost as big as the house, with huge-ass timbers and peg construction.